How many orgasms did you say?!!!

When I first began to learn about tantric sexuality, there was a moment that was simply jaw-dropping for me.

I was sitting in a workshop and the teacher said ‘There are  7 different ways in which the female body has the capacity to orgasm.’  Whaaaaaaat?!

This blew me away. I had come from a not-very-orgasmic background, was aware of the clitoral orgasm, had heard whispers of the elusive g-spot orgasm, but that was about all.

The teacher went on to explain the following of what we call ‘Location-related Orgasm’.

1.Clitoral Orgasm
This is the most commonly recognized form of orgasm. It’s usually felt as a short, sharp peak, a local sensation, focused entirely in the genital area. The clitoral orgasm comes in two versions – as an implosive orgasm or an explosive orgasm. The tantric’s teach how to have the implosive type – which is more deeply satisfying, and allows for multiple orgasmic experiences.

2.Vaginal Entrance
There are loads of nerves in the entrance to the vagina, making it a sensitive erogenous zone. This orgasm is experienced in a similar way to a clitoral orgasm, however it is has a longer peak.

Also known as the ‘Grafenberg’  or ‘Goddess’ spot , the G-spot is located just at the entrance to the vagina, on the upper wall under the pubic bone. This orgasm is often followed by a deep feeling of satisfaction, relaxation and can activate very loving emotions. Further orgasms can be easily experienced immediately afterwards.

4.Cervical Orgasm
This is like the holy grail of orgasms. It will feel deep and intense  – more overwhelming than other orgasms. Many women will report this as a profound, spiritual and even life-changing experience.

Stimulating the posterior fornix (the p-spot) or the anterior fornix (the a-spot) near the areas of the cervix can cause similar types of orgasm.

5.Breast/Nipple Orgasm
An orgasm here is experienced as an intense peak, often in the chest area, and sometimes throughout the entire body. This can be a heart opening experience for many women. (Also men!)

6.Anal Orgasm
An anal orgasm will be strong, raw, intense and powerful experience. This is another orgasm that can be experienced by both women and men.

7.Urinary Orgasm
This is a relatively rare kind of orgasm. A woman who is sexually aroused when she urinates can sometimes experience an orgasm due to the relaxation of the muscles in this area.

These first seven orgasms are experienced due to physical stimulation. I’m going to introduce you to another type of orgasm that isn’t physical.

8.Energetic Orgasm
This orgasm can feel like waves of energy, electricity, vibrations, tingling, jolts and or shaking throughout the entire body. It can often go beyond bodily pleasure, sometimes beyond the physical body, and can become a transcendental or spiritual experience. An energetic orgasm can be instigated by physical stimulation, but may also occur without direct physical contact. For example, some people will have an orgasm in a yoga class, in meditation, from a fantasy, or from a deeply connected experience in nature. It is likely to change your entire perception of what an orgasm is. And again, it is not gender specific.

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