Magic happens when you learn this

People say that Yoga is a spiritual experience that can transform your life. But have you ever wondered how doing some stretches on a yoga mat can actually change much at all?

When Yoga becomes more than just a good bend and some deep breathing, we start to see how the practice translates from the mat to our everyday living. How it can bring more depth, joy and a complete shift in our mindset.

So how do we use our practice as a vehicle for evolution? Here are a few simple tips;

1. Be present to your Practice.
Whilst in the yoga poses BE in the yoga poses. You’ve taken the time out of your schedule to do this, so stop thinking about Instagram or what you’re having for dinner. Stop comparing yourself to the person on the mat next to you. Focus on the present moment, the pose itself, your breathing. Yoga is often described as a type of meditation. See it as such.

2. Learn the philosophy behind your Practice.
Understanding the WHY behind anything in life brings more weight and meaning to an experience. Read books, listen to podcasts, attend retreats to understand how the philosophy and teachings inform the practice itself. The result? You’ll feel more devotion, depth and a commitment to the practice.

3. Ritualize your Practice.
Bring more meaning to your practice by adding some type of ritual to it. How this looks for me? I have a little altar I set up in front of my mat. It’s simple – a candle, a crystal, some palo santo and something fresh like flowers or leaves. The process of sitting and lighting the incense and candle brings me into presence. Having a visual reminder throughout my session helps to anchor my mind when it tries to wander.

4. Commit to your Practice.
You can’t expect your muscles to grow if you don’t work out. So too with your practice – you can’t expect to see results if you don’t make a regular commitment to it. Some days you won’t feel like it. These are the moments when it’s more important than ever to show up. In doing so, you send a strong signal to your brain and your energy that this IS important. And in doing so, you give your practice the significance it deserves.

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