One of the best things you can do for your sex life


Many long term couples report that over time, their sex life is depleting. The frequency, quality and experience can be somewhat lagging.

Why is this? There’s a number factors that contribute to a downward spiral of sex quality in relationships. And yes, there’s a natural honeymoon stage at the start of a relationship in which a concoction of hormones will certainly boost libido, passion and let’s be honest, effort.

But what many don’t recognize is that good sex is much more than fireworks and technique. For most people in long term relationships good sex has a direct connection with the quality of their relationship.

And over time, there is a tendency for various issues to arise in our relationships. If not addressed then resentment, complacency, poor communication and de-transfiguration* will creep their way into the bedroom and join you in the act.

It’s my opinion that our brain is our most important sex organ. And after eight years of teaching both Sexuality and Relationship workshops I can honestly say that it’s often the Relationships Workshop that acts as the most powerful contributor for couples to rekindle or create profound sexual experiences.

Connection, trust, intimacy, forgiveness and love are a powerful foundation for high quality sex in a relationship. Don’t get me wrong, learning amazing skills are a mind blowing addition to your sex life, but get a strong foundation in place and you’ll be able to open to each other and enjoy the techniques so much more.

Join us at the upcoming Relationships Workshop to create a fresh slate, a strong foundation, and bring yourself into the best place you can be to then take your sexual intimacy to the next level. Put tools in place to protect a thriving relationship, save a relationship from the brink, or for Singles, learn new skills to improve future relationships.