Questions and lessons: Life with a baby, WTF has happened to us?


I knew that when couples have a baby, it can put real pressure on a relationship. But some part of me thought that Ads and I would be exempt from that…

I was counting on a few things. One was the fact that we were madly in love. Another was the fact that I have spent so much of my life learning about skills around conscious relating and relationships. And let’s face it, I teach this stuff! So I kind of thought that we had this thing in the bag!

So it came as a rude shock to find ourselves in the new parents/relationships pressure cooker.

We went from sailing through life on the magic love-bubble-carpet-ride, to landing rudely on the ground with a crash, and looking at each other thinking – “WTF has happened to US”?!!!!!!

The combination of extreme sleep deprivation, being complete novices in babyland, navigating a new family structure, AND having less time to be US… Well , that sent us into a spin.

It’s been a pretty intense ride, and really it’s only in the past few months that we feel like we’ve emerged from the woods. And even though we’ve both had to shed a lot of skin, we have resurfaced a lot wiser..

As for our love and our relationship, it has now taken on a new quality. A knowing of what it takes when you step close to the edge, and the appreciation of loving each other with all of our flaws exposed. Of feeling pushed and squeezed and pissed off, and still choosing love regardless.

There were a few months there, where both of us were scratching around in our armoury of relationship tools and having to use everything we had to make it work. And I’ve got to say, I don’t know how couples get through the tough times without these tools. I’ve been teaching this and practicing this work for many years, but never before have Ads and I been put to the test like this.

Which has made me MORE PASSIONATE THAN EVER to share this work. Because helping couples and families that love each other navigate those tough times is important.

We have just re-written the Relationships Workshop. It packs a punch like never before. All content is profound, practical and life-changing.

This workshop was announced as SOLD OUT months ago, but we have moved to a larger venue to accommodate you all. I’ll be presenting it with the phenomenal Dane Thomas, which I’m pumped about. AND, as always, we are offering repeat students the workshop at a 50% discount. Email for your promo code.

For newbies, PLEASE NOTE! Early bird tickets are ending 13 July 2018

Looking forward to seeing you there, lovers!