Self Love Quiz – How full is your tank?

The way you think and feel about yourself shapes your life far more than you may realise. In fact, it influences just about everything
how you let people treat you, the type of romantic relationship you may be in, the jobs you go for, the pay you accept, your daily mindset, the way you treat yourself. All of this comes back to self-love.

Quiz: What’s your self-love level?
Work through the list below and assign each statement a number on the scale of 1 to 5, 5 is ‘I’ve nailed this!’ and 1 is, ‘This virtually doesn’t exist for me’.

Before you do the quiz, know that there’s no judgment here. It’s almost impossible to make it through life without your self-love taking a hit in some areas. In many ways, lack of self-love is cultural – many of us have spent years being exposed to reasons as to why we shouldn’t love ourselves. This quiz will help to identify the areas to take action. It’s about accepting yourself, even if you haven’t yet achieved all of your self-love goals.

Quiz statements

* You bring intention to the way you live. Rather than letting life just happen to you, you play an active role in the choices you make and the path you take. * You act on what you need rather than what you want. You have the strength to break old behavioural patterns that have hurt you in the past. Yes, you may want to have sex with your ex, or eat the sugary snack, or do late-night scrolling. Instead, you lovingly steer yourself in a direction that will feel better later.

* You set boundaries like a boss. You’re aware of how you spend your emotional, mental and physical energy and you know what’s good for you. You can easily draw a line in the sand and set limits or say no to work, relationships or activities that harm or deplete you.

* You practice self-care, nourishing yourself with good food, exercise, time in nature and plenty of sleep. You think of your body as your loving home and are intentional about how you treat it. You neither neglect your health nor obsess over your physical appearance.

* You surround yourself with people who are cheering you on. If they’re not, you walk away, take a break and/or limit your time with them. You know that life is too short to spend time with people who try to take away your sunshine.

* You take responsibility for your mistakes but don’t beat yourself up. You can find gold in your stuff-ups, recognising that these were the lessons you needed to learn. You have compassion for your humanness and accept your imperfections.

* You are aware of the dangers of comparison and you know how to stay in your own lane. When others do well, you are inspired by them or able to celebrate them. It doesn’t affect your own self-confidence.

* You have awareness around what you watch, read and scroll because you know this affects your vibe which, in turn, shapes your life. When you zone out, you do so consciously to give yourself a break rather than to feed an addiction.

* Rather than taking pride in how much you do, you take pride in how good you feel. You know that following your joy or having downtime is nothing to be ashamed of. Your version of success comes from an internal feeling, rather than an external accomplishment.

* You speak kindly to yourself. You notice when you slip into self-deprecating thoughts, you adjust your sails accordingly. You give yourself the self-respect you know you deserve.

* The environments you live, work and spend time in feel good to you. You’ve tailored your lifestyle to reflect your dreams, desires and passions.

* You receive the pay you deserve for the work you do.

* You never seek permission to be yourself. You’ve dropped the people-pleasing and appeasing. Worrying about what others think pulls you away from living authentically, and you’re no longer prepared to compromise on that.

* You can receive help from others easefully and ask for support when you need it.

* You love the people in your life, but you don’t depend on them to bring you happiness. When your relationships come into conflict, you self-regulate to make sure you’re not taken on a rollercoaster, and you’re not taking their ‘stuff’ personally.

* You’re constantly learning new things about yourself, updating the way you view the world and expanding the way you think. You take time to make contact with your inner world.

* You’ve stopped using the term ‘self-improvement’. You know that the best way to be you doesn’t come from striving to be something else, but by removing all the labels that tell you that you aren’t enough already.

1–2: This is an area where a lack of self-love is showing up. You can use this as a reference to identify the areas to focus on filling your tank.
3 – Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t. You have awareness of the areas in which you don’t self-love and it’s a habit you’re beginning to break.
4 – Woohoo! Loving yourself comes pretty easily. You recognise the occasions when you drop out of self-love and make the appropriate adjustments to get back on track.
5 – Love your work! You’ve mastered this area and your self-love tank is full to overflowing. Loving yourself like this is your default – it feels normal and natural to honour and value yourself.

Make a small daily commitment today to honour yourself in the area’s you scored lower on. That might mean you raise your prices for the work you do, or you lay down some boundaries around your time and energy. Put a reminder in your phone for a month from now to come back and re-do the quiz. If you honour your commitment, you may see your numbers have moved up the scale.

Self-love is a practice, a journey rather than a destination. It’s a lifelong commitment to yourself. It’s like you’re dating yourself, and like any relationship, it takes habitual re-commitment, again and again. These practices need to be repeated so that they become a way of being.

As you grow in self-love, you’ll discover that what you have been seeking from everything around you can actually be found within you. Right now, that may seem a bit abstract or far-fetched, but it is my hope that as you continue to honour yourself, an inner strength and deep peace will begin to reveal itself to you.

Much love,

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Sexuality Workshop

Sexuality Workshop – Friday Night Taster

Date: April 29th, 2022
Where: Venue 3121 – 281 Swan St, Richmond 3121
Teacher: Emma Power
Workshop hours: Friday – 6:30pm – 9:30pm

(Please note: If you book for the full weekend workshop, there’s no need to book for the Friday night separately)

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Sexuality Workshop Friday Night


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