Sometimes the most powerful tools in life are the simplest.

This is certainly the case when it comes to my advice for you today.

I often have people coming to me asking me how they can become more orgasmic. Quite often, the case isn’t about to orgasm, or not to orgasm. Its about feeling in general.

So many of us become numb to life. Numb to feeling. Numb to experiencing with full awareness, consciousness and …sensation.

Why is this? Well usually it comes down to two reasons. We numb ourselves out to stop ourselves feeling pain. Life happens, stuff comes up, heartbreak occurs. If we stop and feel, we have to admit to: not being happy in our job, being disappointed that our dreams haven’t come true, feeling deep grief over the loss of a loved one.

Or, we numb ourselves out of fear. Fear of expansion. As humans we seem to have this tendency; when we can sense that there is the potential within us to shift to a new level of consciousness and awareness, we will often make every excuse to run in the opposite direction. We’re terrified of change. Its called resistance.

This, of course, translates to our lovemaking. We sub-consciously resist feeling, particularly if we sense that there’s something on the other side that is new and different for us. That’s going to require us to change our perception of reality, as we know it.

Orgasm IS an expansive experience. In the moment of orgasm, we are about as present as we will ever get. In that moment, we’re not thinking about the past, or the future. We are experiencing pure presence. The Tantrics say that it’s a tiny taste of enlightenment. If we can have these experiences fully, and even learn how to expand them, we’re recognizing an incredibly powerful tool. Transcendence.

When you’re in your yoga class, or sitting in meditation, or especially during lovemaking- take a moment, close your eyes, and ask yourself this question:

What’s Alive in me right now?

Bring your attention to what you can feel in your body, and where you can feel it.

The power of this simple tool, never ceases to amaze me. Really.. Try it!

At all times, we have subtle sensations running throughout the body. Its what the Tantrics call the Energetic, or Pranic body. When we bring our attention to these sensations, they expand, and as a result, we expand. Attention to these sensations call us into a state of consciousness, and often, an experience of ecstasy.