Taking your control back – healthy ways to interact with social media.

You wake up, you reach for your phone. You do this throughout the day, sometimes just on auto pilot. You’re feeling stressed, you reach out again. Just to numb out for a while. You get home and although you promised yourself an early night, you find yourself endlessly scrolling.

Most people with social media apps on their phones are to some degree, addicted. There’s many reasons this can be – from the dopamine it gives us, to the distraction it offers when we don’t want to address certain issues in life. Social media is designed to hook us. And for most people, it’s doing a very effective job.

But just like any addiction, it’s not good for us to be so reliant on something external to us. And for many people, it’s an unhealthy relationship.

Below are some suggestions on how to detox, and some signs that tell us that there are some people we just should not be following.


1) Choose one day a week where you commit to NO social media at all. I like to choose Sunday. For 24 hours don’t look at your social media apps. I also take time off from all other screen time as well.

2) Have a one week/month detox. Tell your family, friends and followers that you will be off platforms for a set period of time. You might inspire them to do the same!

3) Knock off at night. Have a designated time at night where your phone goes on airplane mode, and you commit to NOT TURNING IT BACK ON. This is often where you notice the cravings kicking in!

4) Turn of Notifications. You really don’t need to be available, all the time, to everyone. Take back the control and choose when you want to engage, instead of being pulled away from the present moment by the beeping on your phone.

5) Batch Check. Commit to a set period of time – maybe it’s only once or twice a day – where you consciously give yourself scroll time, for a set amount of time.

4) Unfollow, unfollow, unfollow. I personally choose to follow under 100 people on Instagram at any given time. That way I am limited with just how much I can actually scroll. It also means that the quality of what I see is much more of a match to who I am and who I want to be.

Signs you should unfollow someone;⠀

  • You feel like you’ve eaten junk food when you see their posts
  • They’re the ex that you still haven’t gotten over
  • You feel a bit shit about yourself when you see their posts (comparing their lifestyle/body/home to yours)
  • They don’t light you up or inspire you
  • You scroll straight past them while you scroll
  • They aren’t in alignment with your core life values

The people you follow are having a direct influence on your energy, your thoughts and therefore your actions and life choices. So be choosy!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

At all of our events, we encourage people to stay off social media and their phones for the duration of the event. This way, they are more likely to be present to their experience and allow for personal processing.

Check out what’s coming up! Please note that spaces are filling for many of our events and we often sell out.