The secret of full body orgasms

If I told you there was a really simple practice you could do anywhere, anytime; and this practice would assist you in becoming more orgasmic, you’d want to know about it, right?

Well here it goes.

A key technique in Tantra is learning how to breathe deeply into the belly. In our fast paced modern world we have forgotten how to breathe. We tend to take short, shallow breaths into the chest, which leads to even further stress and tension in the body.

If we want to completely relax and allow energy to flow freely through our bodies, it is important to relearn the art of belly breathing. If you look at a baby you will notice that when they breathe, they breathe into their belly. When you learn to breathe into your belly again, you will notice that you become more relaxed. When the body is relaxed, the energy flows. When the energy flows more freely, you become more orgasmic.

Its that simple.

Exercise : Belly Breathe

To breathe into the belly, start by placing your hands on your belly. Do this sitting or lying down. As you breathe in, consciously bring all the air down deep into your belly and notice how your belly expands and your hands lift upwards. Then as you breathe out notice the belly falling. As you inhale the belly rises, as you exhale the belly falls. Breathe in through the nose, the belly expands, breathe out, the belly falls.

I’d highly recommend this as a daily practice. When you wake in the morning, before you begin your day, take ten deep belly breaths.

Then bring it into your lovemaking.

In lovemaking, when you start to feel yourself coming into a more heightened state, breath deeply and allow the body to relax. Notice how this brings a surge of energy (prana) into the body which can amplify the orgasmic state, or even bring on a full blown orgasm.

Enjoy your practice!