This makes for GREAT sex – something you may not have thought of…

Often sex is thought of as a set of moves designed to create a specific outcome – usually an orgasm, and then we’re done… Right?

Well, maybe not. The idea that ‘orgasm = great sex’ is a misguided notion. In fact, many people who are able to orgasm during a sexual encounter don’t necessarily consider the sex as deeply satisfying.

There are many elements that make up an incredible sexual experience, and one of those is emotional connection.

Good sex is not just about bringing sexual energy into the encounter, it’s about bringing emotional energy in as well.

If we want to experience more than just one-dimensional sex, then we need to take a more holistic view of love-making. The more emotional energy that we can bring in to the bedroom, the more of a well-rounded experience it will be.

Human desire and sexual fulfillment can be complex. Biological urges and technique have less to do with it than we think. So although I am all for teaching the amazing physical practical practices that can take love-making to new heights, I also focus on helping couples re-establish their emotional connection and intimacy that may have been lost over time. I also show those not in a romantic relationship how to transform their every day connections by bringing more depth into their experiences and changing old habits and patterns.

The following are some simple practices to bring more emotional energy into the bedroom:

1. Slow down – avoid becoming goal-oriented in your love-making. Your partner’s orgasm is not something to be ticked off your To-Do list. Sometimes the most incredible moments are found in the journey, rather than the destination. Slow it down, give it time, let the energy build.

2. Make Eye Contact – this is a beautiful way to connect back in with your partner, let them know you are still ‘with them’ and create more intimacy.

3. Loving Words – using words such as ‘I love you’ or letting them know how incredible you think they are, can create an instant bond.

4. Really Conscious Touch – When you touch your partner, feel them – often when we touch during sex, we don’t truly feel our partner. So rather than just ‘going through the motions’, using part of your body to touch their body to create desired outcome, allow yourself to really, truly touch them. Touch them as though it is a gift. Touch them like you would if it was the last time you could.

5. Presence – be nowhere else but with your partner. There is nothing more important to think about, nowhere more important to be.

6. Create an emotional bond and connection outside of the bedroom – engage in practices, activities and experiences that keep the love alive. Be careful of becoming complacent, or letting old hurt and resentment build. Consciously invest time and energy into each other and your relationship.

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