tantra is love sexuality workshop


tantra is love sexuality workshopI’m going to assume that you, like most people, are someone who greatly values your relationships. That the love of your life, and the people in your life are one of the most important aspects of your life. Why is it then that so many relationships fall apart? Why is it that so many existing relationships cease to function in a healthy, loving way?

I don’t think it’s from a lack of want. We want love to flourish. As human beings we seek depth and intimacy. The issue rather, comes from a lack of tools.One of the greatest tools I’ve come across in my experience and research on relationships is the following;


It sounds pretty simple right? Well, generally in the beginning of an intimate
relationship, it is. There’s a whole heap of hormones flying around, and it’s easy to be enthusiastic about going the extra mile for love. But just like anything, as time wears on, we can take things for granted.


If you want your relationship to be operating at its full potential.
So what is Non‐ Complacency?

Non‐ Complacency is active. It seeks out opportunities to love more fully. It is generous, selfless and in service to the other. Non‐complacency is also a commitment to progression, to the evolution of the relationship. It is fervor to tackle the difficulties (you know, the things that will often get swept under the carpet).

I heard a great analogy from a teacher regarding this. He said; Imagine you buy a house. You’re so excited about it, and you paint it. You’re house is bright, and it looks amazing. But inevitably, if you just leave that house as it is, the paint will  start to fade. Like anything in life, it will begin to suffer from the law of atrophy. So on a regular basis you need to invest in painting it ‐ giving it fresh coats to keep it bright. If you don’t do this, not only will the house fade, but the paint begins to peel. Cracks start to appear. The house degenerates.

I often hear people say that it’s hard work being in a relationship. I don’t believe that. I think a relationship becomes hard work when we become complacent.  When we stop bothering. When we let the house fall apart, without addressing what’s going on. It’s a lot more difficult to paint a house that’s cracked and peeling than to maintain a house by continuing to apply fresh coats of paint.

Relationships are as imperative to the human soul as food and water is to the physical body.

Do you feel as though you’ve been giving your relationships the love,
energy and time they truly deserve?

This concept is the driving force behind the Tantra Is Love Relationships
Workshop. During this weekend, we offer tools on how to keep relationships full of passion, spark, intimacy. For couples it re‐ignites these components and offers techniques to prevent the relationship breaking down. For singles it’s about learning how to attract this type of relationship into your life and learn how to identify some of the patterns that causes break‐down in the first place.