The Most Ecstatic Moment of My Life

I’ve experienced the most ecstatic moment of my life.

As a Sexuality Educator, some of you may think that I’m going to describe some mind-blowing orgasm. Or as a teacher of a Spiritual path, you may think I’m about to describe some kind of enlightened moment.

Actually neither.

Recently, I committed to a meditation retreat. After 5 days of being in silence and meditation, it was time to see my partner again. We’d been living separately while I was there, and I was really looking forward to seeing him.

He came to my house, handed me a beautiful flower and in silence hugged me. He laid me down on the bed and then hugged me again. As I looked into his eyes, I thought; ‘I want to spend forever with this man’ I thought it over and over. Then some voice in me said; ‘That’s great Em, but that’s the future you’re thinking about. What’s happening in this very moment? What’s alive in you right now?’

This very thought took me into a state of full presence, a state of full ecstasy, of absolute expansion like I’d never before experienced.

In reflection it was yet another reminder to me of the importance of relationships, the power of presence, and the magic of love. It never ceases to amaze me the effect we can have on each other as humans. That simple human connection can be so profound, so life changing. That our deepest spiritual moments are not necessarily found in caves, monasteries or churches, but in our hearts.

The practice of Tantra teaches us that everything is a tool for evolution, growth. That ecstasy and bliss are an experience of transcendence, an expansion of consciousness.

I had this state come on, not because of hours of yoga or sexual arousal. This came through for me in the simplicity of human contact, relationship, love.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Relationships are our greatest practice.
This state for me was more expanded than any meditation, adrenalin or drug high I’ve ever experienced.

It makes me think about what we seem to be chasing in life. We can meditate for 6 hours a day, but do we make time to see our grandmother? All the yoga in the world won’t open your heart the way holding your newborn child will. Spending hours navel-gazing won’t give you the reflection of your shadow and your shit the way that your partner can.

So what does that mean?

Love is worth working for, love is worth waiting for. The people in our life are our greatest spiritual teachers.

As Swami Vivekanda says ‘There’s no Tantra without Love.’

Relationships, relating, this is where it’s at for me.* Which is why the Tantra Relationships workshop is one of the offerings that excites me the most. Giving people the tools to see personal relationships as a tool for both expansion and ecstasy, as well as an opportunity for personal growth, liberation and enlightenment.

In saying that, meditation and yoga opens us up in ways that we can therefore experience love more fully. It was after 5 days of deep meditation and clearing that I had this experience with my partner. The practices support each other.