Mars is a Tantra teacher, Tantric Yoga Teacher and Senior Teacher at The Awaken School. He has a huge passion for offering the Tantric teachings, and specialises in working with men, male teens and couples. Mars is available for personal consultations in which he coaches clients in how to apply the Tantric principals and techniques in a way that is tailored to their lifestyle and temperament. He also heads up the 30 day challenge- Ejaculation Mastery group on facebook. Contact to book a session with him.

Cyndi Darnell

Cyndi Darnell is a qualified, holistic sex therapist & counsellor, specialising in work with individuals, couples and beyond who want to develop a more intimate, profound and fulfilling connection with their sexual selves. Cyndi values the importance of pleasure and believes that a healthy sex / relationship life is part of an overall approach to holistic wellness. Cyndi sees people of all orientations, genders and outlooks from her rooms in Carlton, (Australia) or by appointment via Skype.

Shae Elise Allen

Shae Elise Allen is a pleasure coach, deeply led by her heart to make an impact in the world by mentoring mothers to access the depth and full power of their worth and self love.

A common theme in the lives of Mothers is that we desire more time, pleasure, confidence and love for ourselves but so often this path is stilted by the demands of modern living. We find ourselves lacking balance, our natures are wired to serve and our own desire can be left by the wayside.

With the lives of modern Mothers in mind, Shae has developed two transformational coaching programs. These one on one sessions are conducted via Skype or in Melbourne by arrangement. Working with Shae is an opportunity in a safe space to share, debrief and uncover your challenges and blockages to pleasure, self-worth & self-love. Together we map your journey back to desire.

Peter Loupelis

Peter has first-hand experience of the power of physical and psycho-emotional transformation through his own journey of healing and self-discovery. He is passionate about empowering and supporting individuals to discover their true nature and guiding them through its emergence. He believes everyone has a purpose, for which life’s challenges are just sign-posts towards. He brings his 20-year passion for Shamanism, Tantra, Buddhism, and Daoism together in his Chinese Medicine practice. He practices and teaches Qi Gong, Tai Ji, and Daoist-Tantric Alchemy. He loves pizza, jam donuts, and chai – not necessarily in that order.

‘I feel incredible after a weekend of really connecting with myself again.
I have experienced such profound emotional and physical shifts!
What a blessing.’