Cyndi Darnell

Cyndi Darnell is a qualified, holistic sex therapist & counsellor, specialising in work with individuals, couples and beyond who want to develop a more intimate, profound and fulfilling connection with their sexual selves. Cyndi values the importance of pleasure and believes that a healthy sex / relationship life is part of an overall approach to holistic wellness. Cyndi sees people of all orientations, genders and outlooks from her rooms in Carlton, (Australia) or by appointment via Skype.

Shae Elise Allen

Shae Elise Allen is a sexual wellness coach, yoni massage therapist, speaker and transformational guide specialises in women’s sexuality.

NLP trained and having studied various body/mind modalities since 2005, Shae now teaches and speaks on topics of emotional, somatic and sexual intelligence, vulnerability and courage and midlife alchemy. She supports women to repattern their sexual story, however her work isn’t just about sex— it’s about guiding women to lead from a safe, empowered and expansive connection to their body so they realise their truth as self-honouring, paradigm-shifting creative channels in todays world.

For yoni massage sessions and online coaching programs:

‘I feel incredible after a weekend of really connecting with myself again.
I have experienced such profound emotional and physical shifts!
What a blessing.’