The Team

Emma Power

Co-founder and Workshop Facilitator

Emma is the co-founder* of Tantra Is Love and the founder of the Awaken Series. Over the years, Emma has been taught by some extraordinary teachers, yogis and swamis who have been generous enough to pass on the ancient teachings of Tantra. Learning this knowledge and engaging in these practices has completely transformed her on all levels. As a result, Emma has devoted her life to making this work accessible in the West. Her enthusiasm and passion shine through in her devotion to empower and serve others through these teachings.

Dane Tomas

Workshop Facilitator

Dane is the creator of ‘The Spiral’ and the author of four books, including ‘Clear Your Shit’ and ‘The Integrated Man’.
For 20 years now, Dane has been living a Tantric approach to life. This began at 19 with his discovery of Taoist sexual practices and Tantric philosophy. As he began to embody these ideas – combining them with energy work, modern psychology and ritual – his life and relationships evolved profoundly.
It’s Dane’s life mission to raise the consciousness of humankind, and he is excited to join the Tantra Is Love team to share his own unique take on these powerful teachings.

Nilanthi Chandra

Workshop Facilitator

Nilanthi is a trained meditation teacher, retreat facilitator, naturopath and nurse who loves the exploration of ancient wisdom and its integration into today’s world. She will also soon be a formally trained Tantric yoga teacher.

Nil is fascinated by spiritual traditions and healing practices from many cultures and has studied these from a young age. She has travelled throughout the world to learn from different teachers, and has experienced the transformative nature of practices involving meditation, breathwork, yoga, Tantra and more. Nil is an enthusiastic and passionate teacher, and would love to make a difference in the consciousness of the planet by sharing information in such a way that it can be easily integrated and understood.

Shae Elise Allen

Women’s Workshop Facilitator 

Shae Elise Allen is a coach, yoni massage therapist and online educator with a special interest in working with Women who have disconnected from their sexuality and are ready to rediscover themselves and open to a vibrant life of pleasure, self love, abundance and deeply fulfilling relationships. Her yoni massage method, Yoni Repatterning, incorporates bodywork and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help women repattern beliefs around their sexuality, self worth and body image.


Workshop Coordinator

Lucinda is a Commonwealth Marriage Celebrant, a vivacious MC,Retreat Coordinator/Facilitator and multi faceted artist who loves to endlessly explore spirituality and find balance and practical application while living on the Surf Coast.

Lucinda is a lover of people & being on her passion path and is always developing her ever expanding tool belt to bring more understanding of this wonderful human existence. Lucinda runs a Surf Coast Travelling DRAMA CLUB for kids through the week & loves to illustrate. Lucinda is deeply passionate about the works of the heart and is thrilled to MC & Host these juicy weekends and share the beauty of the ancient Tantric teachings.

Belinda Totino

Hens Parties Facilitator

Belinda runs the Tantric Hens Parties, co-facilitates the Women’s Workshops with Nilanthi and is an Awaken Series Teacher. She has been working with Tantra Is Love for many years and has been apprenticing with Emma Power throughout this time. She is well known for her warmth, humour and down-to-earth delivery.

Mangala Holland

Shakti Circle Facilitator

Mangala is a Tantra teacher, Tantric massage therapist and Tantric Hatha/Kundalini Yoga teacher. She teaches worldwide, primarily in Australia, Thailand, the USA, India and Mexico. She offers a range of workshops, teachings and individual/couples sessions. She teaches everything from traditional Tantric theory to transformational femininity to anal sex, and everything in between! Her mission is to empower people to embrace their sexuality without guilt or shame. She believes that with the purest of intentions, sexual energy can be harnessed for our personal growth and spiritual evolution. Mangala teaches in a no-nonsense, accessible style, in which everyone can apply these teachings for a better life.

‘I love Emma’s down to earth approach to esoteric ideas. Tantra is a big wide world of complexities but
she makes this stuff really approachable, which is something I really honour, because Tantra is for everyone.’