‘The way this work has impacted my life in the past two years has been profound. The way I am able to truly love and honour myself and those in my life has shifted massively.’

‘These workshops are an opportunity to delve deeply into this work in a really safely held environment. These workshops are powerful, and strong, soft and beautiful. Yes tantra is about sexuality but it’s about so much more.’

‘I love Emma’s down to earth approach to esoteric ideas. Tantra is a big wide world of complexities but she makes this stuff really approachable, which is something I really honour, because Tantra is for everyone.’

‘This workshop expanded my horizons and I see the world and people differently now. I also feel that I’ve also learned to harness my energy to be more productive in my purpose and daily life. I think other people appreciate my presence more too.’
Kah Chong

‘I have been recommending this workshop to my patients and students. It has an amazing healing capacity for both men and women.’
Tasja (TCM practitioner and Yoga instructor)

‘These teachings are carried out with incredible love, integrity and humility. It was such a beautiful and safe space. Whether you are single or in a relationship, do yourselves a favour and check these courses out!’

‘I feel incredible after a weekend of really connecting with myself again. I have experienced such profound emotional and physical shifts! What a blessing.’

‘I now feel more whole, like an essential piece of the puzzle that has been missing from my whole life, has finally come to rest inside me. I wish so much for everybody to have the opportunity to embrace the essence of tantra sexuality…. the world would be a better place!’

‘My eyes have been opened to just how beautiful and deep the rest of my life and love and relationships can be, Words cannot express how grateful I am.’

‘These workshops are truly remarkable, delivered by two experienced, passionate and trustworthy teachers. You owe this learning to your higher self’

‘This work challenges and expands our cultural status quo on sexuality and intimacy. Irrespective of your age or background, this course offers a great deal of insight for us all.’

‘Every day I reflect upon the workshop I did a few weeks ago. My outlook on life has completely turned around, and I feel like I am radiating love and positive energy which had previously been suppressed. I hadn’t realised quite how healing it would be, and am so grateful.’

‘Well worth it!! So much great information to absorb and delivered in a friendly format. I got so much out of it and it tapped into other parts of my life i hadn’t anticipated.’

‘TIL was my introduction to Tantra and my mind was completely blown. It felt like coming home to me. I was given a language and a framework for understanding things that I had been feeling and experiencing for so long.’

‘This was my first foray into Tantra, and I was so appreciative to learn with people who had honour and integrity in their work, and maintained a safe environment through their professionalism. Any barriers I may have entered the room, with were soon dropped.’