What is Tantra?

The TIL workshops have been described as ‘life-changing’, ‘mind-blowing’ and ‘transformational’ – and we have the Tantrics to thank for that.

Tantra is a framework that teaches us how to find depth and fulfilment in all aspects of our lives – from our health to our sexuality to our relationships. The Tantrics were incredibly pragmatic in their approach, investigating ways in which we can have an extraordinary experience of the world around us. They have therefore passed on invaluable tools and techniques that can give us insight into how we can use our body, emotions, mind and environment as opportunities to evolve and find fulfilment.

‘TIL was my introduction to Tantra and my mind was completely blown.
I was given a language and a framework for understanding things that I had been feeling and experiencing for so long.’

Here are a few outcomes you can expect from learning the Tantric approach to life.

  • Depth and intimacy in your relationships
  • Personal and spiritual growth
  • Ability to experience the full sexual potential of yourself and your partner
  • Increased confidence and creative expression
  • Clarity regarding your career and mission in this world
  • Increased health and physical vitality

The Tantra Is Love Workshops are delivered in a way that appeals to participants from all walks of life. They are a combination of theoretical knowledge exercises, group discussions and homework for later solo and couple practice.

Singles and couples of any background and orientation are welcome.

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